Go away! I'm reading.

Some people just don’t understand that when you have your nose deep in a book, it means just that. You are deep in a book. You do NOT want to be interrupted.

The other day, my friend Sarah Enni found this amazing pin on etsy:

I thought it was genius, but Tracey Neithercott promptly pointed out that it would be even better to have a dust jacket sporting this same message. It would be larger, bolder, easier to read. Sarah and Tracey started lamenting over how someone Must Make These and Do So Immediately, so I chimed in and offered up my design services.

A few days later, the three of us have a present for you. A lovely little family that we call the “Go Away” Dust Jacket series. We wrote a bunch of snarky “leave me alone” messages, I designed a few fancy covers, and now we want to share the entire batch with you.

Imagine how much easier it will be to read in peace and quiet when you look like this from across the room:


We split the family up into three different sets, and if you jump around between our sites, you can download them all!

I’m giving away this set (scroll down to access set #1):


Tracey is giving away these snarky beauties (click here to get set #2):


And Sarah is giving away these book-specific masterpieces (click here to get set #3):


Look at how pretty they look when they are all lined up together!!


Download set #1 from the “Go Away Dust Jackets” series:

Go away. I’m Reading. (pdf)  //  Reading > Talking (pdf)  //  Team Reading (pdf)


Printing Instructions:
These covers will fit the traditionally-sized YA book.* Take the PDFs to your local FedEx or Staples and get them printed on tabloid paper (11x17in). We suggest a matte cardstock  (you could print on something glossy, but sometimes that causes light glares at certain angles and you want people to be able to read that Go Away message without incident). Choose a weight between 60-80lb for the paper. Anything lighter and the page will be too thin, anything heavier and folding it around your book will be difficult. You can have the store cut the printer-outs for you (it will cost a little more), or you can handle it on your own when you get home (there are crop marks in the files).


Assembly Instructions:**


So happy reading! Happy book wrapping! Enjoy your peaceful, uninterrupted reading time 🙂

Creative Commons License
“Go Away” Dust Jacket Series by Erin Bowman, Sarah Enni, and Tracey Neithercott is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.embowman.com.

* Massive of uniquely sized books, like Harry Potter, may stretch these dust jackets beyond their limits. You’ve been warned 😉
**I apologize for the video being backwards. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to flip it. I know it should be easy, but I’m having a blonde moment, so please bare with me. Also, please ignore the very sad and lonely shelf above my desk. I cleaned it off so that my ARCs can one day sit there. 🙂

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    1. Erin

      Ha! Thank you, Yahong! And yes, I planned the sets to all be in the same general family of color, and then to sort of create a rainbow effect when all together. So glad you like them 🙂

  1. SO PRETTY! I love the colors and the design! I wish I had these in high school and college. LOL.

    Thanks so much for volunteering your skillz0rs and for sharing these lovelies with us! You and Sarah and Tracey rock! 😀

  2. This is genuinely the coolest thing ever!

    And I love the designs for the dust covers as much as I love the idea behind them. Such much awesomeness. I am in awe of your designing skills.

    1. Erin

      Thanks, Jennifer! You can download three of the PDFs right here on my site (the links are in the blog post). And then there are also links to Sarah and Tracey’s websites, where you can download the other PDF sets! Happy reading 🙂

  3. Genn Albin

    My poor husband endures this all the time at work…someone always wanting to chat about what he’s reading on his break. And he has a birthday coming up, he needs these!

      1. Allan Orr

        Heh I got the whole set myself honestly. Only one for a book nobody I know will touch, the twihards stopped talking to me years ago. And thanks for the reminder to put in my order on Tuesday for my replacement copy of the Gandalara Cycle, sadly these will not fit any of the novels in the set however.

  4. Braulio Tavares

    Lovely idea, but it would help to have one of these with something like “Honey, I love you so much, but let me read this book!”.

  5. Rachel

    so, in the case of books like the larger harry potters that may be a bit big, is it possible to make the dust jackets bigger, or would that mess up the design? (i don’t know much about this subject, so i’m sorry if that’s a silly-seeming question to some.)

    1. Erin

      We are working on creating some larger options. The height of the jacket is not the issue, but rather the width. For a novel like HP7, with such a huge spine, it becomes difficult to find commercially accessible paper that will fit our size needs. Stay tuned though! 🙂

  6. Linda Moore

    So how do you adjust to make it for a bigger book? and where do you get the card stock that long? Like Hobby Lobby? Thanks!

    1. Erin

      Tabloid-sized cardstock (11×17) is available at most printing stores. Of course, that works well for the traditional YA, under 350p novel. We are working on solutions for larger books, so stay tuned! 🙂

  7. Kim Cz

    I love these! I need to figure out how to size it down for mass market titles. A cover for my iPad would be even better. Thanks for sharing your fabulous idea. 🙂

  8. Rebecca Scaglione

    I just have to say I love the “Go Away I’m Reading” book cover the best.  I am always harassed when I am alone at the pool reading, so hopefully the creepy guys will leave me alone when I have this cover on my book!  I think I will also try to alter it to cover my Kindle!  🙂

  9. Hollielol

    I love these! I so hate it when people interrupt my reading to ask me what I’m reading. I don’t want to talk to them, I want to read my book!

  10. Is it possible to make them in paperback or massmedia size, can you just cut them down them down to that size? I have an autoimmune disease and am unable to hold a hardback….

  11. […] It’s highly irritating when you’re trying to quietly read your enthralling romance novel on public transit and someone keeps trying to make eye contact or talk to you. Now you can silently project your misanthropic thoughts through your book jackets! While we appreciate the classic “Go away, I’m reading” line, covers like “BRB going to Hogwarts” and “Fiction > Reality” are also fun. Print one (or several) out for yourself! […]

  12. Annika Downey

    Hi! I can’t seem to access the link with the Narnia and Middle-earth and Hogwarts etc. set, could you possibly help me? it just says there’s a “404 error”. Thanks!

  13. Brenda

    I love these little dust jackets and was so excited to take them to an Office Supply store and get them printed for my class. When I came back the next day to pick up my order, they said that they couldn’t print them because of the copyright symbol on them. Any suggestions?

    1. Hmm, that is odd. I haven’t heard of anyone else running into this! Do you have a smart phone? It might be worth pulling up this blog post while at the store so you can show the workers the Creative Commons copyright associated with the dust jackets (which basically allows anyone to distribute and share the jackets so long as the original creators are credited and you don’t sell/make a profit off them). If you don’t have a smart phone, maybe even print this blog post so you can show them the copyright details in person…? Hope that helps!

  14. Rachel Schultz

    I absolutely love these covers!! I downloaded and printed a few the day I found them! As I was perusing between the sites, I saw the 3 for the Hunger Games series, but could only download one of them. Is there a way to get all three of those? Thanks so much for sharing this ingenious idea with everyone!

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