A Snowy Sunday Morning

The Engineer and I woke up to a half foot of fluffy, powdery snow. Before the wind or sun could knock it from the branches, we hiked the conservation land behind our house.

I could not stop taking photos.

Snowy Hike -- trails

Snowy Hike -- Abandoned

Snowy Hike -- Shoreline

Snowy Hike -- Among Pines

Snowy Hike -- Frozen Pond

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.


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  1. Katy Upperman

    I strongly dislike snow and would never want to wake up to six inches (or any inches), but you’ve sure made it appear beautiful in these photos. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

  2. RebeccaKBarrow

    Beautiful pictures! I hope we get some snow this year. I love when everything is all quiet and peaceful…for a little while, at least 🙂

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