Announcing the title of TAKEN3…

If you were just on twitter with me, I played a little game of hangman to release Taken3’s title. So what is it?

The title of the final book in the Taken trilogy is….








forged, taken 3 title



This threw a lot of people, because it doesn’t have the same -en ending as the first two titles. And I have to admit: breaking away from that rule was a little scary. But guys, I LOVE FORGED AS A TITLE.

I love how it alters the rhythm of the set, putting emphasis on the final installment.

I love how it gives a nod to the Forgeries, which are such a vital part of the series. (If you’ve read Frozen you know just how intense they become)

I love how it is both strong (to create, to build, to fortify), yet also malicious (to copy, to steal, to fake).

I love how it is hopeful in the way some of the other titles I brainstormed were not (Broken, Forsaken, Beaten). Same goes for others that sounded too spiritual (Chosen, (A)Woken, (A)Risen).

I just love it. Especially when I look at how well it matches the content of the novel. I know this might be hard to understand without reading, but this title touches on so much of book three: the conflict and the enemy, the crux of The Laicos Project, the types of relationships being built, key characters, new beginnings. GAH! I don’t want to say too much, but rest assured that if this title feels off to you right now, I doubt it will when you’ve finished reading.


So what do you think of FORGED as a title? Now that the title is revealed, do you have any predictions regarding the cover’s gradient colors?

On that note, I’ll be revealing FORGED‘s cover sometime next month, and it is absolutely stunning! I think it might be my favorite of all three. 🙂

A quick note for those of you who tune in for my monthly reading recaps every month: April was crazy for me. Book launches, school/library visits, deadlines, you name it. I only read one measly book, but at least it was a good one. I’ve posted my review of Marissa Meyer’s CRESS over on goodreads if you’re interested.

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  1. Pili

    Given of huge the Forgeries were to the plot of Frozen, I think that it is very fitting, even if I was expecting another -N title! Cannot wait to see the cover next month, YAY!
    I’m guessing the colours might be purple and red, maybe?

  2. Michelle Collins

    Love the title. Very powerful. I’m thinking maybe the cover may have some silvery/gray tones like steel, maybe? Looking forward to reading the last installment

  3. :)

    Hmm…I’m thinking that the cover of Forged might have a lot to do with the title, because the cover of Taken shows climbing “The Wall” and for Frozen there is a snowy background. Don’t judge me for making a wild guess, but maybe Gray and whoever the girl is in the first two pictures are shown with their forgeries, maybe on opposite sides? Forged is a good title but my personal favorite would’ve been Awoken. (Maybe that will change after I’ve read the book?) I couldn’t put down Taken or Frozen at all and finished both in under four days, and I already feel numb from waiting for the last book…

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