6 weeks til FORGED!

You read that right. Just six weeks until FORGED releases and Gray’s story concludes. (*sniff* This is very bittersweet for me.)

I’ve been promising folks an international giveaway for awhile now, and I figure the 6-week-til-pub marker is as good an excuse as any.

Here’s what you can win:

Altered Perceptions + FORGED arc

An ARC of FORGED and a finished copy of ALTERED PERCEPTIONS, an anthology I contributed to in late 2014.


This anthology is unique, in that it features tons of extra content from a wide variety of authors while simultaneously aiming to bring awareness to mental illness. Each author featured has contributed an essay on how mental illness has effected their life, the life of someone they know, or both; as well as deleted scenes or alternate versions of a scene from one of their books.

In ALTERED PERCEPTIONS, you can read a deleted scene from TAKEN that was written from Emma’s perspective! There’s also tons of fun content from Brandon Sanderson, Aprilynne Pike, Brodi Ashton, Claudia Gray, Dan Wells, Kiersten White, Lauren Oliver, Robison Wells, Sara Zarr, and many more! For more about the anthology, head here.

Now, on to the giveaway…

This is open internationally, and the winner will receive one (1) ARC of FORGED and one (1) hardcover copy of ALTERED PERCEPTIONS. Use the handy widget below to enter!

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29 Responses
  1. Susan Light

    Not sure what trick you have up your sleeve with Gray’s story. And thanks for the heads up on Altered Perceptions.

  2. Melanie

    I’m so excited to read it! On the other hand it’ll be the last book and I’m so sad about it but I really want to know what is going to happen!

  3. Laney

    Thanks for this chance! 🙂 You and your books are so awesome and i can’t wait for Forged! The other book looks interesting too

  4. Pili

    AAAAHHHHH!! Thank you so much for offering this international!!
    I’m thinking that there will be a battle for sure, so I’m kinda worried about who all will die! And I’m sure Gray will find a way to turn the clones and make them allies!

  5. Sallie Mazzur

    I’m excited to see how you wrap his story up! And I’m super excited to have all the hardcovers lined up on my bookshelf. One of the prettiest series I’ve ever come across!

  6. Susan T.

    I am so excited for Forged! I’m hoping that the ending isn’t too heartbreaking and that there aren’t any sad deaths!

  7. Daniel

    I cannot wait for forged to come out it is definitely in my top 10 releases for 2015!! i honestly don’t know how you are going to conclude Gray’s story, but i cant wait to find out what happens with Emma after the end of Frozen( Trying not to give Spoilers). I cant Wait only 6 weeks left 🙂

  8. Erin

    Eee! I can’t wait for Forged to come out!! Luckily, April’s only a month away!! By the way–the cover is soooo pretty! Both for Forged and Vengeance Road!!! 😀

  9. Brie Chelton Wood

    I’ve only read book one :/ But I plan to read Frozen and Stolen this month so that I am ready for Forged. I ABSOLUTELY loved Taken. I can’t wait to see what happnes next.

  10. Lis Carcamo

    I’m dying to read it!!! I don’t know – and I don’t want to think about the ending, because I want the biggest surprise! Thanks so much for the chance!

  11. Murielle Kim Amplayo

    Why is the release dates of your trilogy lands always on my birthday? haha i think it’s meant to be! 🙂 So stoke for Forged, and Altered Perception looks promising and inspiring!!

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