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Why buying books is like gaming

OK, it’s not really, but hear me out. For those of you who don’t know, I am a web designer by day. I work at a wonderful little shop in Boston where we design and build all sorts of interactive experiences (web sites, applications, iPhone apps, etc). Because we are small, everyone wears lots of...
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Why you should read every hardcover with the book jacket OFF

(Besides not wanting to crinkle, bend, bruise or blemish the lovely jacket, of course.) One of my favorite parts about buying a new book is peeling off the jacket and seeing what’s underneath. Many times, the jacket-less version of a book is not terribly exciting. A plain front, a title and author on the spine,...
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Author business cards and a guest post

First off, I’m guest posting over on Ellen Oh‘s blog today. Ellen is a fellow YA writer (her debut, Prophecy: The Dragon King Chronicles, comes out from HarperCollins in Winter 2013, just like me!) and she’s currently running a series aptly titled: “What’s the Best Writerly Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self?” I discuss, as...
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Like an artist

This comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl got passed around the internet today, and for obvious reasons. Take a look: Ida, how did you do this? How did you so perfectly capture the struggles of pursuing a creative life? How did you capture the process and the love and the doubts and the uncertainty? And how...
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