How to Run a Successful Preorder Campaign

I recently had a lengthy email exchange with a writing friend who asked me if I had any tips or suggestions regarding preorder campaigns, and I realized this information might be useful to a lot of writers. So here I am, sharing what I’ve learned after running several preorder campaigns of my own. Please keep in mind that...
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The Difference Between ARCs and Finished Copies 101

These are my pass pages for Vengeance Road. This is the first time my book has been typeset (read: not been a .doc file), which is very exciting. Pretty fonts! Chapter headings! Crop marks! Advance reader copies (ARCs) are printed from pass pages. While the ARCs are produced and distributed to early reviewers, the pass...
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Debuting, or Lessons Learned in 2013

After spending days/weeks/months counting down to Taken‘s release, my debut year is finally coming to a close. It unfolded with a lot of highs, lows, surprises, and everything in between. I’m incredibly grateful for all the experiences I’ve had, but gosh, I wish I’d been prepared for the emotional roller coaster of putting a book...
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Write what's in your heart

I know this has been said before, by many others, countless times over, but I want to spend a little time on it because the concept is so clear in my mind today. I had a lovely Skype chat with Sarah Enni last night. We got to talking about book ideas and how we each...
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