Guest blogging on Let The Words Flow

I’m guest blogging over at Let The Words Flow today. The very lovely Vanessa Di Gregorio approached me about writing a post for LTFW a few weeks ago, and as a long-time follower and reader of the blog, I was both humbled and excited to contribute. Vanessa mentioned that readers had been asking for some...
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The Revision Cave is my new home

The Fourth has come and gone. I had a fabulous holiday weekend up in the Adirondacks with the Engineer and some of my family. It consisted mostly of sun and reading and swimming off the boat. There was also beer and grilling and sparklers, in typical Independence Day fashion. It was really quite lovely. Raquette...
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Crutches in writing

We all have them. Certain words we use more than others. Phrases we rely on. I am aware of a good number of mine, and even though I consciously try to keep them in check, they always sneak into my work. Especially first drafts. I’m working on something new at the moment, and my goodness,...
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Why I love revising

I truthfully don’t mind revising. And now you’re probably thinking one of two things. Either A, that is a total lie. Or B, something is wrong with this girl and she’s not quite sane. But I really am being honest, so if truth exists in either theory, it lives in B and B alone. I...
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