FROZEN is officially in the wild!

Yesterday marked Frozen‘s release—hooray! I was able to stop by a few bookstores in my area and sign some stock, but nothing beats seeing your book on the shelf after months of toiling over a word document. To those of you who preordered copies, or picked one up yesterday, THANK YOU! On that note, it’s...
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A TAKEN recap to prep you for FROZEN

One of the problematic issues with series is the wait between books. After a year (heck, even after two or three months), the finer details of a story begin to escape most readers. In Frozen, I made a deliberate decision to not spend too much time summarizing the events of Taken. Being in first person, excessive recapping felt...
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FROZEN preorder contest!

I can’t believe I’m already drafting this post. I feel like Taken launched barely a month or two ago, but somehow nearly an entirely year has passed. And that means Frozen‘s release is right around the corner. I have a few events coming up to celebrate. If you’re in either area, it would be great to...
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Happy Birthday, STOLEN!

Some stories come out almost effortlessly. Others you have to wrestle on to the page. Stolen was one of the former. Simply put, this novella was an absolute joy to write. Stolen will give you a peek at what made Bree the hardened girl Gray meets in Taken, and it will provide a ton of insight as to...
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