Love Lists

While I read YA Highway religiously, I don’t usually participate in their Road Trip Wednesdays. However, this week’s prompt is so much fun that I couldn’t resist. Especially given how long I’ve gone without blogging. (I’m so sorry! Shame on me!) The prompt this week was to create a “love list” for your story/WIP/book/etc. What’s...
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10 things I learned while writing a sequel

The experience of completing my first draft of TAKEN’s sequel has come with many ups and downs. The simplest thing I can say is this: Book Twos are strange beasts. Strange, strange beasts. My experience is not universal, but I do know a handful of writers that faced some of the same struggles (and epiphanies)...
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Let's talk about cliffhangers

When it comes to book series, cliffhangers are inevitable. That being said, I believe there are two very different types of cliffhangers: 1) The kind that leave you hanging, but settle the main conflict/plot before doing so 2) The kind that leave you hanging at the ultimate climax, with little or no resolution Personally, I...
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On NOT knowing my characters, and why it works for me

Everyone says “know your characters,” but I don’t like to know my characters, at least not fully. Let me explain. I’ll start with a confession: I despise character worksheets. I think they are the worst type of pre-writing homework. I’ve tried to like them. Years ago, before I started writing my first novel, I used...
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