Drafting: my approach and general process

In a recent blog post, I said I’d be willing to answer some reader questions. Emy Shin (who is lovely, mind you. You should all go follow her on twitter) asked: How long does it take you, on average, to write the first draft of a novel? Do you revise as you go along? How...
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Is it dystopia? A flowchart for decoding the genre

A few days ago, the lovely Maureen Johnson started a conversation on twitter about the dystopian genre and how it is defined. An #isitdystopia hashtag emerged. There were talks of flowcharts. One made the rounds, and while it was amusing and had me smiling, it made me think more critically about how I define the...
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Keep calm and carry on

You’ve seen the poster I’m talking about, right? This one; designed to keep morale up in Britain during the WWII, but never really put into use. It wasn’t until years later, after the propaganda slipped into public domain, that the Internet saw a resurgence of this “keep calm and carry on” slogan. Chances are you’ve...
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Crutches in writing

We all have them. Certain words we use more than others. Phrases we rely on. I am aware of a good number of mine, and even though I consciously try to keep them in check, they always sneak into my work. Especially first drafts. I’m working on something new at the moment, and my goodness,...
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